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Carmine is a native Italian chef with 25 years of experience cooking in some of the finest restaurants in UK and abroad before opening his own stall inside the Old Kent market in 2017.

His authentic Italian Pizza and Puccia is prepared using his own special dough recipe, which has already become popular among the locals along with his wide select of excellent pasta dishes.

Chef Carmine has also introduced the novel “pizza by the foot” experience. Rather than the traditional round pizza, order yourself a 1 foot, 2 foot or 3 foot long pizza to share with friends.

Carmine Sozio -  expertly stretching pizza dough
Carmine making Puccia

Mamma Mia is also one of the few places in Thanet that serves Puccia (pronounced Poochia), which comes from the Italian region of Puglia. The bread is made of pizza dough and is stuffed with meat veggies, salad and cheese. This is a Pugliese go to food of choice and for good reason, they are delicious.

try a puccia at mamma mia pizzeria

If you love the taste of real Italian Pizza & Pasta or have never tried a Puccia , then why not pop down to the Old Kent Market and try out our famous 2 foot or 3 foot long pizza, you won’t be disappointed and will surely have a fantastic taste experience.

Please take a look at our full menu to see see our selection of pizza and pasta.

If you cannot visit, then no problem, we also offer pizza delivery in Margate within 3 mile radius.

  • We serve the best Italian Pizza and Puccia in town
  • Pizza is hand stretched right in front of you
  • Always fresh ingredients
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Takeaway & delivery service available
  • Free delivery to Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs (minimum order £15)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Below you can read some of our lovely customer reviews from Google.

Carmine Sozio

Inside the Old Kent Market you will find a selection of stalls and food establishments. We have micro pubs, a coffee shop, a bakery, a vegan shop, malaysian street food and more.

Inside the old kent market
  • review rating 5  Mamma mia Pizza is superb. I've been to loads of other pizza places and even the award winning ones I found disappointing. Mamma Mia has proper sour dough pizza, absolutely delicious toppings and authentic pizza baker. Love it!

    thumb Tanja Mullarkey
  • review rating 5  Proper italian pizza, freshly made right in front of you... next time you think of getting Domino's, go here instead, it is 1000 x better.

    thumb Russ Michaels
  • review rating 5  The best italian pizza ever, it is a must to visit this italian cuisine in the heart of the Old Kent Market. The pizza baker Carmine prepares the best and tastiest pizza in Margate, this enterprise is definitively worth a visit.

    thumb Carol Cobalt
  • review rating 5  This is a fantastic italian restaurant serves pizza and variety of pasta dishes inside the old Kent market. Pizza is amazingly delicious and loads of flexibility in making your own pizza if you need. You can order small to super large size pizzas where you can enjoy it with a group of friends. Vegan meat and seafood pizza options. Salad pizza bowl is super good. Friendly fast service and this is family run business. Highly recommended.

    thumb Laki Senevirathne
  • review rating 5  Great pizzas every time and so far they've never got an order wrong unlike other local places! Highly recommended!

    thumb Faded SeasideMama
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